I know I've mentioned it before, but we do have a houseful here in Newnan. I always put in my art bio that I am inspired by 4 cats, 2 hamsters, one turtle and a silly little dog. Oh yeah, I also have a sweet husband and two very clever children. Whew. It's fun here in this 1200 square foot house sometimes. But about 2 weeks ago we noticed some uninvited guests on our sweet Lily. And despite the dish soap baths, flea combing AND Frontline (that stuff seriously did not work on my 12 pd dog) she has a flea issue. And since I am a freak about the fleas, we are having the house and yard treated today. I've yet to see them anywhere but her, but she is seriously going to itch herself to death.
So why am I telling you this? Well, you gotta get this picture in your head for a little giggle. Because that's what I'm doing at this point. So the bug man calls last night and reminds me that all animals have to be out of the house and away from the yard for 2 hours. Um. Ok. So my 4 cats, 2 hamsters, turtle (although as my daughter reminded me this morning he is NOT a mammal, he still has to go), and silly little dog I guess will all pile up in the van and go.......where the heck are we gong to go? Seriously. Oh my. Good thing they all get along.

I am itching just thinking about it now. I'll be sure to tell you how it goes later. For now, I suppose I'll go wrangle everyone for a little road trip. hehehehe......

By the way pictured from top to bottom are the following: William and Lily, a rather robust Ellie, Old lady Saily (she's 16), William and Etsy and finally AJ (and yes, he has been in as many fights as his ears look). Not pictured are Dash the turtle, Jackson a rather large tabby cat, and Candy Corn the red-eyed dwarf hamster.


Courtney said...

Ha! I still can't get over Saily still being alive. That's how Kahlua will be--the ones with attitude always live the longest. :)

Hope it all worked out with the fleas. Must be hereditary I am a FREAK about fleas and such as well.

Sue said...

What kind of paints do you use? Your colors are so vibrant! Love the piece you posted yesterday.

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