A Little Simplicity

So last night it hit me like a brick wall.....the exhaustion that is. Yes, I do run down folks. I may sound like the energizer bunny in this blog most of the time, but after the 25 hours of art show in one weekend and this busy week, my body said "slow down Nelly". I had like one two many people ask me yesterday if I felt ok. Yikes. Do I look that bad? So today marks the last of the "obligations". I spoke at career day this morning, which was so, so much fun! I think they all want to be artists now! hehehe.... And tonight we have baseball and our Girl Scout end of year program. I can't WAIT to give Mrs. Holly her gift from the girls. She's gonna cry.... After that, I am seriously taking my own advice painted so sweetly here:
So what's on the simple agenda? I plan to visit the "redneck" swimming pool in our backyard (photos are sure to be posted soon), have a few lites, eat cheesy burgers and homeade fries, and listen to the giggles of the kids as I spray them with the hose on the swingset (a family favorite!). And that's it! Yep. Seriously. Well, I may have to like shower or something. But the garage piles, messy house and sticky floor in the den (seriously where does sticky on the floor come from?) will wait until Monday. See you then!!


Ludid said...

sounds like a fun family weekend. the painting offers a beautiful message.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Sounds like a plan! I know exactly how you feel about being worn out from an art show. Last one I was at a customer actually asked me if I was feeling OK. I thought perk up kid!

Terri said...

I just love that painting...the birdies are sooo sweet! I just gave my friend her shabby bird nest with your sweet birds. I will have her take a pic when she decides where to hang it. Her first reaction to your birds were: did you get these at Anthropologie! Love it, Terri

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