So How Did We Get From Point A to B?

This morning I needed to put a new logo on a disc to have a banner made for the Decatur Art Show this weekend.  I don't disc much.  I usually email files and the back up drive holds everything important.  So I had to search for a disc.  I eventually found one, put it in my computer and up pops all these files already on the disc.  Dang.  But wait, what are these files....labeled fun kid spring pics.  Oh....my......goodness.  Seriously?  How did we get from this cute round pudgy face that was ALWAYS dirty?

 To this?????
And how did this adorable kid who ALWAYS had a ball and bat in his hand (he would say "ball in the eye Mom, ball in the eye"....instead of "eye on the ball")......
 Turn into this young man with a home run ball in hand?
Yes, getting from point A to point B has been an unbelieveable journey. Billy and I began the journey as parents when William was born 11 years ago.  And this year, we are hitting a milestone with his entering Middle School.  As a family we have evolved into more than I ever imagined we would.  This week,  I've been holding the threads of our tightly woven nest tighter than ever.  Fighting for what is best for my family and thanking God for allowing me the opportunity to raise such wonderful children.  They are so different.....yet I can not imagine them being any other way than how they are.  Which in my eyes is completely amazing.

When you see the work I've been doing this week I think you'll understand how I've been feeling about these two lately.  As I photographed all the work today I stood back and grinned.......their spirits were definitely with me, guiding me through many of the compositions.  I suppose in a way it's my therapy.   I'll channel their creative spirits any day.....yep, sure will.


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Barbara said...

Wow, I miss those babies. Both then and now. Don't see them enough.

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