"I am an Artist"

Last night Billy and I attended the Governor's Inaugural Ball.  Yes, it's a bit late for that but his 1st amazing event was canceled January 10th because of the wicked storm that came through Atlanta!  Everyone got their money back and all thought he'd never get his party.  Then whatdaya know?  The governor had the event last night after all!  And this time it was free.....pretty cool thing to do right?  There was a live band, lots of yummy food, cash bars and PEOPLE.  Geesh at the people.  It was super fun for me who loves to people watch and mingle.  Oh, and getting all gussied up, well that's just like icing on a cake for this southern belle!

Ok, to the point of the post you say.  Well, in the sea of people we did run into many people we knew; friends, lobbyists, fellow house members, etc.....One fella in particular was very chatty asking about this and that of me.  The typical questions like how many kids, ages, do they play sports, yaddy, yaddy, yadda.  And then came the loaded question:
"So do you work outside the home?"

Yes, "I am an artist".  And that's when I really, really wish I had a hidden camera in my hair.  Because it's the looks I really wish I could capture and share.  It's almost like deer in headlights.  Yep.  That's a good way to describe it.  Always the response to my answer is classic.  His was, "How's that working out for you?"  Well, let me just tell you buddy it's amazing!  And I went on and on.  Describing my work and the genre I paint and this and that.  Yep.  Hey, he opened the can.  So I was asked the question at least 3 times last night.   His response was the best though.   I suppose most people he encounters in his line of work have wives who stay at home or do other "normal" jobs so to say.  I am not sure why it is that being an "artist" gets people almost nervous.  I've had someone tell me one time that I didn't look like an artist.  What?  What do artists look like?  And seriously, what would the world look like if there were NO artists?  Think about that.

Anyhoo, I got a kick out of it last night.  And thought you might too.  I guess in his little bubble artists look like van Gogh, missing an ear maybe?  If it hadn't been so dark in the room he'd have seen the paint all up and down my arms that seriously soap is not getting off.  And the fingernails, well I know you feel my pain on that!  

Well, I am off to run and cleanse my head.  I've got the punch list for the week before the Dunwoody Show!  Hope to see many of you there this weekend with all the other thriving ARTISTS!  Woohoo!!


rita maria said...

oh man i've been in that exact situation so many times! it almost makes me NOT want to tell people sometimes that i am an artist. i guess when things are going good i want to tell everyone and when they are slow then i stick to talking about my day job. i love that you were so confident about it!

Suzanne said...

What a great story. Good for you for standing proud and telling him what's what. Yeah, I don't know what they think we should look like either. Maybe wearing paint-splattered pants and a bandana on our heads.

Artsy Matilda said...

I always enjoyed stumping the corporate set when they asked what I did ... I'm a retired ballet, jazz, tap and musical theater dancer! Some of the looks were absolutely priceless. It's still the same now that I answer as you do "I'm an artist". It usually cuts to the chase, huh? Good luck at the Dunwoody show! Wish I could come down for it. xoxo

~ Dawn ~ said...

I LOVE your post today! I think people get that "deer" look because they are FLOODED with thoughts as it sinks in that you are an artist... and that you obviously LOVE it! Maybe a little bit of awe, descent amount of wonder, tiny bit of jealousy, and tiny bit of inspiration. I think they have little flashbacks at their creative moments of the past and of ones they wished they would encounter in the future. And when they walk away... or you walk away... it lingers! And that is way cool! You are an artist... and a pretty stinkin good one!

Jenni Horne said...

Ok DAwn, I may have to quote you. You rock!!

Lisa G. - Happy Mama said...

Hi Jenni, new follower here and I am so happy to have found your blog! This post made me smile. My hubs is in academia and when attending functions with him I get this question, followed by that reaction, quite a bit. I can so relate!

I love your easy to relate-to writing style and your artwork is absolutely dazzling. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

Lisa G. in NY

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