Sitting and Observing

Nurturing by definition is this, "Care for and encourage the growth or development of".    I LOVE summer.  Puffy heart love it.  I love the no schedule, endless hours at the pool, constant yummy eating, and the long hours with my children.  Yes, I do.  Not telling a fib here.  I can hardly wait for school to end so we can just be.
One reason I am super ready for school to end is this simple urge inside my heart to be more than nurturing to my children.  I'm not so sure how to word this right, but let's just say the Momma bird up top, she's kind of doing what I feel I am doing right this very second with my family.  Giving them room.  There are no eggs in the nest, no wings to teach to fly.  There's just sitting and observing.  Absorbing this stage of mothering.  I watch, breath in, and quietly nurture.  Allowing them more freedom to become who they are supposed to be.  There is plenty of caring going on, and certainly we are encouraging healthy grow not only of their physical body but their spiritual bodies as well.  It's like the nest ring above.....we are weaving this beautiful nest for our family to call home, a ring which will never end, a home they will want to return to, and love to call home.  We have an amazing responsibility to do just as she is and sit still, as well as replace the loose limbs.  And once the summer comes to a close I hope to find my two hanging with me in the circle in a comfortable place ready to move into the next school year.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Love it :)

garden clippings said...

I am so in love with making art with birds in it....and I love all your art...especially the pieces with the birdies!

Isabel said...

A beautiful post:O) Icant wait to have my kiddos home too:O)

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