Taking Your Heart

I think I've mentioned before that I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Yep.  So I am thinking this composition must have come out of something going on in my little world.  Because I just caged it right up and took it along.  Less likely to get damaged?  Probably not, but it's got a ring of guards around it.  I like to think of those rings as my peeps.  And one special blog reading peep sent me an email today that really made me think.  What we put out into the world by way of body language, smiles, gestures, you name it, sometimes gets read more than what we physically say.  Am I right?   Sit on that thought for a spell.  I personally am working really hard on what I put out into the world.....trying to live an authentic life.  I'm diggin deep and opening up about my imperfections.  And man does that take some serious courage.  But you know what, it feels good.  Because finally some light is coming in through the cracks I've been patching for 39 years.


Felicia said...

Jenni, that is such an honest and wonderful post. It is hard to be really honest with ourselves about what we put out into the world, but I think your art speaks for you, it is so beautiful with kind, loving sentiments.
You are doing a wonderful job!!

Charade said...

That heart may be in a cage, but it's a beautiful cage. I can just feel its joy at the fresh breeze whispering all around it. Love the post and the art!

Cre8tiveQueen said...

I'm in LOVE! This piece just got me, melted my heart! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Great thoughts!
Thanks for sharing!

Kerry said...

I can really relate to this message and picture Jenni. It's a good reminder and being artists, so much of what we do comes from our heart.

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