Dunwoody Art Festival 2011

Another weekend, another great festival.  Dunwoody didn't disappoint this year.....oh no.  Fabulous weather, perfect amount of goodies, adorable peeps around me, yummy food (fried pickle on a stick....omg...seriously?).  Yep.  One of those kind of weekends.  Sigh......  It was super great to see many blog reader friends, friends from Newnan (shout out to Ellie and family, Valerie and family, and of course my family), my art show peeps, and all my new buyers!  I just can't thank you enough for the love and support throughout the entire weekend.  And those of you reading my blog who are too far to attend, seriously I felt your good mojo being sent my way all weekend!!

You know I can never do the tent the same way twice, so here is a shot of this weekend's set-up.  I opted for one table since I had way more paintings to share this weekend than Sweetwater.  And the little green table had a "tasting" of what was inside the booth.   I sold way more jewelry than paintings this go around.  But hey, I think the jewelry is like mini paintings and love how well they were received this show!  In fact, I gotta get to working on some new pieces asap! 
I did have one really bad moment in the show which seriously could have put a funk in the weekend, but I somehow was able to let it go.  Someone came by the front table where I had a t-bar of all my bird cage necklaces and swiped 4.  YES....STOLE from me.  Geesh.  I felt like I'd been invaded in my own home.  You see, I put my heart into my work.  So when I realized it had happened I had the strangest feeling swoosh over me.  Like someone had taken a piece of my heart without even asking.  It was horrible I tell ya!!  So I moved the T-bar, taped down the ones on necks and moved on.  And I hope those jerks who stole the necklaces enjoy wearing them.  Because karma baby is coming your way!

Ok....don't want to end the blog on a bad note.  So here's some happy.  It was a long weekend, yes.   But you know, it felt like I blinked and it was over.  I suppose doing something you love that much with your life and being able to truly share it with so many people makes it feel like a stream of tiny happy moments instead of dreadful long moments.  If you are out there right now sitting in the middle of dreadful long moments, perhaps you should sit with yourself and think about how to make those moments tiny happy ones instead.  How can you at least inject some of the joy you deserve into your life daily?  Because you do.....we all do.  JOY is not for some, but for all.  And that includes you.  ;)

Hey....more pics from the weekend are here.


Melissa I. said...

I SO wanted to go to this festival, but couldn't! Next time for sure. When is your next show? I'm sorry someone stole from you. That is one of the lowest things a person can do. They may not pay for it today, but someday they will have to answer for it to the Lord.

Alicia said...

Lovely booth Jenni. Everything looks beautiful! I'm so glad it was mostly a great experience. A pox on the crook!! At least they can't steal your talent and your joy.

Mechelle said...

Wow Jenni, I am glad you had a good weekend! So sorry that horrible person stole your products, but did not steal your joy!

God bless!

JoyaJewelry said...

hey jenni, It was a nice surprise to be right next to you at Dunwoody. I had such a great time and thanks for sharing some of your pickle on a stick:) hehehe! good times:)

Isabel said...

An AWESOME booth!!!:O) Love all the vibrant colors that stand out:O)Sorry someone stole from you awful.! Hope you have a great week:O)

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