Make New Friends

Do you remember the sweet little song, "Make new friends but keep the old...one is silver and the other gold"?  Well today, I got to see my dearest golden friend and made a silver one along the way!!  Mailey and I met my dear friend Carrie and her husband Todd at the Inman Park Art Festival up in Atlanta.  Mailey and I got there before Carrie and Todd so we started walking the show.  MAN, was this a HUGE show.  I've never done one with that many vendors.  It was a tad bit overwhelming.  But fun.  There were several booths I had to peek closer at, this one was being at the very top of the list!

In fact, I kind of got all giggly excited when I saw this booth.  I was smitten at first sight.  Dragging Mailey over saying, "Mailey Mommy HAS to stop here a second!!"  Truly I wanted to buy every painting hanging up.  Then after hearing their story, well it made me want to buy one from each of the 3 bees.  Let me introduce you to the one below, Christy of bee good design.   Together they filled their booth with the most joyous art.  Something about their style spoke to me.  Obviously because I bought 2 and immediately went home to check their site and think I may have to have one more!
I choose this sweet orange house painted by Christy.  Mailey chose one by Kate called Sunny Day (so perfect for my little sunshine).  I actually met Kate earlier in the day when she peeked her head through the tent and said howdy to me, and said she reads my blog!  Which made me smile from ear to ear the rest of the day!  We didn't have the opportunity to meet Becky, but her art was pretty sweet too!!  I love how the simplicity of their work speaks volumes to my heart.  Yes folks, it is a big puffy heart thing. 

Onto the golden friend part of the day.  Well, I really don't have enough blog space to talk about this chick below with Mailey and I.  But I can give you a glimpse.  Carrie and I met at age 18........21 years ago.  It was move in day at Randolph Macon Women's College.  Her Mom was helping her set her room up which happened to be right at the top of the steps on the second floor, mine room was on the 3rd.  So we passed her room about 50 times unloading my stuff into the dorm.  Let's just say it was a golden friendship at first sight.  Her roomie got homesick and went home, and mine didn't work out too well so we were able to talk the Dean into letting us finish the year off as roomies.  Boy what a year we had.  Simply put, it was magical.  The late nights, road trips, VMI military balls, trips to Dickinson college, learning to ski (me that is), and all the other amazing stuff that goes along with being away from home your first year of college, it happened with her by my side and me at hers.  We joke that she is a northern Jenni and I am a southern Carrie.  Cut from the same mold.  Yes, it can be dizzying being around us at the very same time.  We have the same over the top personality with the confidence in ourselves to be and do just about anything.  Certainly don't tell us we can't......because that just sets us into a frenzied oh yes we can mode!! 
She and her adorable family live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  We've not seen each other in 6 years.....by far the longest stretch we've ever gone without seeing one another since 1991.  She transferred after her freshman year to Dickinson, and I to Auburn.  You'd think we'd had long since lost touch.  But on the contrary.  Seeing her today it was like we'd seen each other just yesterday.  Dang....now that's a golden friendship.  Oh and her name is Carrie Ann Mailey.......yep.  Mailey.  In case you ever wondered where that beautiful name came from.  Funny thing is, my Mailey has some of Carrie's amazing quirks.  I'd forgotten until today seeing them together.  I suppose we all came from the same mold. 
So, it was quite a weekend here in the Horne house.  William hit a fabulous home run Saturday, I got to see Carrie Sunday and I think I may have some new art peeps to have a yummy cup of coffee with soon and talk shop.  Man, I am so smiley my face is hurting.  Well, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend as well.  I'll be back soon to share upcoming show news!!


bee good design said...

Talk about smiling faces hurting - we can't stop grinning since you visited our booth! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for all the glowing compliments - what a treat for us! We'll have a latte waiting for you whenever you are ready - looking forward to catching up!


Artsy Matilda said...

I love when you smile so much your face hurts! And there is no comparison to golden friendships amongst women. I know you both enjoyed seeing each other in real time. Good for you! Happy May! We have lattes in the NC mountains too, by the way! ;-)

Gillyweed said...

What an adorable painting.. is it Encaustic?? I'm thinking about doing that show next year because it is still cool enough outside. Don't want drippy wax! LOL!

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