Time To Listen

Looking at this composition I can't help but smile at it's meaning.  There she is, on top of a beautiful fluffy flower, pure and white.  She's gone as far away from the voices, the nay sayers, the stress, the life she was in the middle of living to be alone.  To sit and listen.  To find her own voice.  To enjoy the calm. 

We all need this type of escape to allow ourselves the opportunity to recharge our creative energy.  I've found running to be this time for me.  It's a wonderful way to really listen and find that creative voice.  So how do you find your center?  How do you channel your creative energy? 


This Moment said...

I love this painting...the big white flower, the bird and the background. Sweet!

Deb said...

Really great...love the colors and your post! Made me think...thanks! Happy painting!

Isabel said...

Love the colors:O) I like to go and sit outside to recharge and meditate, for me there are so many ways to recharge my creative energy:O) Thanks for sharing:O)

garden clippings said...

To recharge....I sometimes go for a walk but often grab a book or my journal and sit on my patio. With the birds chirping around me and the breeze blowing through my garden I can get recharged pretty quickly.

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