RIght Where I Planted It

It's Mother's Day today.  Of course you already knew that.  I'm at the show today, enjoying a day of happy sales........... unfortunately without my family.  :(  Anyhoo, I've been doing a lot of reading, thinking, and talking about happiness lately.   When I think about joy in regards to my family it can literally whoosh my body with excitement.  I am a very lucky gal when it comes to this department.  Kids are normal and pretty darn cute and sweet.  Husband seems to be going through a luv my wife so much phase= he's way lovey dovie and attentive.  My parents are just skippy and my sister is finally balancing new motherhood.  Whew.   I guess joy/happiness can be found right where you plant it.  Sometimes though, you've got to remember where you put it and may have to dig a little.  But you know, that's OK.  Because the digging is what makes the joy deeper and last a lot longer.


Catherine Denton said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jenni! Just wanted to let you know my Mom called excited about her gift. She LOVED the (fabric flower) wrist corsage. ;) Thank you!
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Isabel said...

Happy Mothers Day!!:O)

A Cup of Sparkle said...

Happy Mothers Day. Lovely picture and quote.

Kerry said...

I love this nesting picture Jenni.

Kerry said...

HI Jenni
Will this one be for sale on Etsy or be made into a tile? My 6 year old daughter is very smitten with this one too.

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