Naked Art Gallery Craft Bazaar

So where are you going to be this weekend??  Because peeps, I'll be here:

 With loads of new jewelry, and other goodies!!  Yep....goodies.  Come see us!!

 The new heart design is definitely puffy heart worthy.  Yep.

At first everone in my house was supposed to go with me and us make a weekend adventure out of it at Dad's lake place.  That is until oh.....night before last. When my Mother informed me that Mailey had a singing engagement Sunday which of course Mailey did not want to miss (more on Mailey's recent coming out of her shell wanting stardom in singing adventures).  Then William ended up with baseball practice and a sleepover invite.  Then of course there is the issue of Ellie the cat that got beat up and has to be monitored...and then there is Lily.....and her evil sidekick Graham Cracker.....so..........I am going alone.  ALONE!!!  Yooooooohoooooo!!  I can not wait to see my girlfriends and have a real girlie dinner and maybe a martini (or 2)!!  I am super excited.  Ok...selfish I know.  I love Birmingham so much and miss it and all its' magic. Sigh.....So I am going to make the very most of the time away from the family and soak in as much Birmingham culture as I can muster in the 36 horus I am there.  Oh, and hopefully Sunday there will be sales in abundance for all artisans participating in the Craft Bazaar.  So, until Monday.....hoping you have a lovely....and perhaps magical weekend as well!

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Mobile Cone Crusher Plant said...

With loads of new jewelry, and other goodies!! Yep....goodies. Come see us!!

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