Lego Memories

As child I loved Legos.  While my little sister was getting giant Barbie penthouses and dolls for Christmas....I was dreaming of another box of bricks so my houses could be layered evenly.  My favorite gift was the red plastic brick carry case, which my mother STILL has.  At her house.  Love that.  This year Mailey is 9.  She should have been asking for Barbie's and American Girl Dolls, right?  Nope.  Not this little 9 year old.  She asked Santa for drums and Legos.  Hmm......Well, if you could hear the rhythms coming from above the garage you'd know that the big man did indeed bring the drums and see below?  He most definitely bought a nice box of bricks!

We plan to go to Disney over Winter break.  She's already asked about the Lego store.  It is amazing.  I could cry it's so amazing actually!  So yes Mailey, we will be going to the Lego store and adding some trees, more people and of course bricks to your 1st box of real Legos!


rcwdesign said...

Did you know they opened a Legoland in Florida?
(I don't know if you're going to Disneyworld or Disneyland but I think there is a Legoland in California too.)
You both would probably have a blast!

linwood avenue said...

you know... they are opening a legoland at phipps in buckhead this spring!

Isabel said...

I have one son who LOVED Legos and asked for some this Christmas, he will get some for his 18th birthday Sat.:O)Love them myself:O)Happy New Year

Jenni Horne said...

What??? Here in atlanta? i want my 40th birthday party there!!!

bee good design said...


Have you seen this adorable Lego ad from 1981. I was that girl...just a few years earlier. I love legos, too. Happy New Year! Becky

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