PSW Mantel

To welcome painters, what better way than a fun color wheel mantel!! 

I fell in LOVE with these tissue paper flowers and immediately knew what mantel I'd be doing for the 52 Mantel paper challenge!

Don't they look like yummy color wheel puffs??  My mantel always presents a challenge because it's soooooo deep.  But for this, the deep pocket totally worked in my favor.  The brush is made from a cardboard tube, glitter paper, and black construction paper.  Of course, tipped with a little red paint!  The paint something flash card is a favorite and the springboard for my workshop name.  The little glasses were a give-away for the workshop attendees.  Attendees were encouraged to use the glass to help them, "see clearly". 

Such a fun challenge Emily!!  Thanks for stopping by if you are blog hopping from her 52 Mantels.  And please be sure to check out my Paint Something Workshop tab for upcoming painting workshops!


Emily Morgenstern said...

Such a great mantelI love what you did with it! Thanks so much for participating! This is definitely being pinned for future reference!

Nat and Holly said...

Love your mantel! The colors are beautiful and that paintbrush is too cute :)

ann k said...

Love the color and inspiration!! I have to agree -the paintbrush is soooo cute!!

nacherluver said...

How fun! Love it.

Marilyn Clark said...

This is so fun! I remember making those big tissue paper flowers/pom poms when I was a kid. Your use of color is awesome!

Jessica @ Stay at Home-ista said...

I love these "flowers". The colors are so fun and summery and I'm so happy to have been a part of this challenge with you!


Kimberly @ A Night Owl said...

this is just an amazingly creative mantel! i love how each one turned out so differently. i love the colors and the inspiration that it provides...it was great participating in this challenge with you!


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