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I always say the only way to succeed at etsy is to be present in your shop.  Easier said than done for some reason for me.   Here's what I've decided on this issue. I love the getting ready and the doing of real art shows.  I just do.  The interactions, the work...it's all a part of my creative soul.  And maybe part of the reason my show sales are so good is because of all the "extra touches" I place on displays and such.  I'd like to think too it's actually meeting me, the artist behind the paintings.  You can't really do that on etsy.  In fact, much like pinterest, I can't spend much time on etsy.  I get overwhelmed.  Not much does that for me visually.  But those two sites do.

But alas,  whining aside about the fact that I can't set up an amazing tent display...etsy sales must go on.  With the year approaching and my show bookings on hold, I MUST find a way to make this work for me.  I did notice there is a new about page on etsy.  Of course I immediately filled mine with photos of my studio space.  That is an awesome new feature to the site where buyers can see where artists work without having to head to a separate site, like a blog, to learn more about the artist.  Thanks Etsy for seeing and filling that need!

I've also found a sweet spot for photographing my original works of art that I feel shows their charming qualities without being seen in person.  And was able to upload 9 this week.  Hoping they find new homes soon!
So, I guess the message to this post is that in order to succeed at etsy...or any type of online business you must find a way to present yourself to the audience as well as you do in person.  I've still got a few ideas up my sleeve, but for now I am just happy that my shop is no longer empty!

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Rocky Cross Studio said...

I've missed your blog post hope all is well with you! Glad you brought this to my attention I have an Etsy site and do nothing with it, so this gave me a boost to get started and put it out there!! Thanks! :)))

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