The Color Wheel Staircase

Sometimes I get crazy ideas in my head.  And when the Paint Something Workshop was a go....well this idea just HAD to get done.  The stairs leading to the basement were just so very....very icky!!!  In fact, they were driving me nutty.  It was hard to walk to my happy place walking down these.  So what's a girl to do?

Oh geeeeesh....this was so very bad. 

I didn't want to spend much money on the project.  Especially since I already had a few gallons of paint left over from the kitchen project.  I love the blue in the kitchen anyways....although in a closed hallway it ends up much bluer!  This was the hardest paint job I've ever done. It sucked actually.  There was no real safe place to stand.....so my dance experience on the toes was put to use.
Ellie cat on the ladder cracked me up fussing at me.  Funniest part...she meows mute.  Yeah.  Strange.  We think it's all the fat around her vocal chords blocking the sound.  She just kept a fussing though.  I think she didn't like my trapeze act.  And it sure was.  I had my leg on one wall...arm on another, roller going....really should have video taped this.  Yep.   I was like Spider Man Woman. 
Once I got down the stairs it became contagious...the blue paint that was.  I kept going, and going with it.  The basement although unfinished has a lot of sheetrock and white cabinets.  It was a HUGE selling point, all the storage they left behind for us.  So the sheetrock was an easy peasy roll. 

But the stairs....they were very raw.  My original idea was to just paint them gray.  When Mailey and I went to Lowe's to buy the paint she was VERY opinionated about this idea.  In fact, she said, "I won't go down into the basement if you paint the stairs nasty gray. " (hmmm...oh yes I did think about that statement...)  "Who paints art studio stairs gray anyway?"  She was flat out mean.  So I said, "fine, you pick a color".

And then Lowe's had a Valspar display of these: 

And the angel's started singing!!! (seriously with the lighting and all the colors it was quiet magical)  "Mailey, why don't we paint the stairs ALL these colors?"  And the reply......YES!!!!  At just $2.94 each it cost about what a gallon of paint would have cost.
So after sanding the trim, painting it white and two coats later on everything.  I was done!!  Painting the stairs was a challenge.  And yes, there is one kitty print.  But the results are WELL worth it!
At the base of the stairs I decided to make use of the space and create a mini workout area. I love to use weights, which doesn't require much space!  It was fun to use some of my displays in this area too.  Notice the white screen and book shelf?

The project really turned about beautiful.  The other purchase was a light (it was just a bulb in the ceiling before).  So total cost of project was:  $35 paint, $25 light fixture, $40 gray matts for workout area.  $100.  I know, so cool!!

Our little camper painting collection by Mailey and I.  We even covered the switch plates with paper!  I love covered switch plates.  They make me smile.  So the big reveal was this past weekend with the Paint Something Workshop attendees.  It made everyone smile too.  :)

So what's next on the docket?  Hmmm....well the walls in the entranceway are still khaki pants.  And I have my Spider woman skills practiced.  So maybe.....


This Moment said...

That looks amazing! I remember when you posted all those little but vibrant colors...so beautiful on their own even. Great idea and great finished product. So cool:)


Artsy Matilda said...

Wowzers!!! Jenni ... this is fabulous and oh, so happy! Thanks for sharing! I hope so to see it in person one of these days!

Felicia said...

Completely fantastic!!! love it!

Isabel said...

Totally amazing!!!!Love those steps wish I had some:O) You are soo inspiring:O)

katie purcell said...


Christine said...

How cool an idea is that!!! Looks fantastic!

the cape on the corner said...

oh my gosh, how absolutely fabulous and fun. truly amazing, and i love your blog header, too. coming over from 52 mantels.

Mandy said...

Oh, I LOVE IT!!!!

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