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This week I am taking you down a new road with my creative journey.  But before that...I gotta tell you about the way the week started.  Sunday was Father's Day (no duh Jenni).  We went to Sunday school, church, grocery store, cleaned house then had Billy's family over for a late lunch.  While in the middle of all that my Mom came to borrow a vehicle to get her new grill.  Billy and William went to play golf and Mailey drove me nuts wanting attention.  (As if 4 days straight Mommy time wasn't enough at the lake).  I was testy.  Irritable.  Yeah.  Me.  By nightfall I HAD to get my 52 canvas week 14 painting done.  It was the last day of the week.  So I got Mailey contained and started the painting just as I blogged about.  But still I was irritable and restless.  After getting the painting started Billy and William returned so I decided to put on the running shoes and get the head clean the best way I know.  With a run.  An hour later I was back and feeling like I'd been run over at the knees.  Strange.  I don't usually feel this way after a run.  I ran back downstairs, finished the painting then quickly blogged about it.  Whew.  Week 14 done.  Off to bed.

Monday morning I am sitting on the porch enjoying coffee and quiet when it hits me again....the irritable grouchiness.  And then....well.....I am just going to call it this because you will so get the picture, I got the "Mexican Drinking Water Hex".  Lovingly calling it that.  Yep.  24 hours straight being sick.   Followed by 24 hours of coma sleep and Lily cuddles.  Yeah, I decided that she is the only one who loves me unconditionally.  Because during my 48 hex, my family scattered to the four corners of the earth.  Except her.  

Why the heck am I sharing this wicked story with you?  Well, I want you see that I am indeed a real normal facing everyday issues person.  Like you.  However, me being down for that long has its' issues.  Because during ALL THAT frickin' time I couldn't move I could still think.  And think.  I really wish there was a recorder in my head.  My thinking is very full and lively. 

Tuesday night, using every bit of energy I could muster I got down to the basement determined to get the puffy heart out of my head.  (Literally I ran 1 hour Sunday night....straight.  By Tuesday night walking down stairs I nearly needed oxygen.  It was scary.)  Quickly I threw out the supplies I needed onto the floor. 
I love that Lily brought duck down to hang with us.  Duck is her "blankie".  She's had it for 3 years.  She lets Graham play with it too. 
Felted sweaters, favorite fabrics and the sewing machine were quickly gathered.  Also I located the fabric cuffs I'd made several years back.  The elastic popped on too many, so I had to take them off the market.  I knew one day I'd find a new purpose for them though.

I bought this vintage yardage of fabric at Scott's a few years back to make birdies out of.  Never got to it.  Turns out it was needed for this project instead!
So the idea I couldn't get out of my head.....making real "puffy hearts".  I talk about them here on the blog.  But thought how sweet to make real ones for the upcoming Revival of Vintage show!  The larger ones will have the vintage fabric fronts with the cuff placed across the front.  The back is a coordinating fabric.  In my banner logo I state, "scattering joy through...paint.fabric.metal".  I've not made anything out of fabric in a spell.  This just seems a perfect fit for my thread....
The smaller hearts are going to be filled with lavender I've had for years (I buy things with intent, I do).  The fabrics are all going to be my fun Amy Butler scraps with felt backs.  I think I may make some with door loops.  I'm just so excited about doing something different with my hands.  I have to get painting #15 outta the way first.  But my 2 samples are ready which will make the rest fly off the machine!  But don't look too closely at my stitching, although I do love to sew, I am more of an "organic" sewer.  Can't follow a pattern to save my life and the hearts, well I literally just sewed them without drawing the hearts first.  Makes them each very unique.  And yes, the pinking shear edges were on purpose.  :)
So keep checking back.  I also have tote bags, mini door hangers and more hearts on the drawing board.  I guess 48 hours of rest is what I needed to get the energy to create back!

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