The Revival of Vintage Marketplace

The Revival of Vintage Marketplace is THIS WEEKEND!!  Yes, I know it's going to be 106', so please do not tell me this.  That's like telling a bride it's gonna rain on her day.  She knows it, but doesn't need to hear it!  Yep.  Nothing is going to stop us from all setting up our amazing wares and selling our hearts out this weekend!  I've got a new fan.  And my battery fan.  I'll share it with ya if you come by. 

Anyhoo, I've got a little sneaky peeky at what I 've been up to in the studio.  You are going to be very surprised at some of the stuff.  Really.  Because it's new.  And I've not told you about it yet.  I know I sound like a freakin' broken record about this, but going back to work has changed our lives in many ways.  Some great, some not so great.  I love working....BUT.....I realized when an artsy friend emailed me a photo of a new product she'd made,  I found myself jealous.  Jealous...is a bad word in my book.  Let me clarify the jealousy though.  It wasn't what she'd made.  I infact intend to buy one of what she made.  It was that she was making new stuff, expanding her horizons and being creative.  And I was painting...and painting...and teaching...and painting.  I am a painter.  BUT, I also love to explore new creative venues.  I have so MANY ideas.  And this year I had zero time to do any of the ideas.  Which quite frankly pisses me off.  And her little bunting put me over the edge.  So, instead of sulking that I have no time to be this insane creative soul, I took the ideas out of my sketchbook and started making.  And in two weeks I have made:

18 Pillows with my art custom printed onto the front.  $40 each.  (I can't sew a straight line to save my life, so they are truly folk artsy!)
 Graham Cracker cuteness.....just saying.
8  Market totes with custom printed art onto fabric fronts.  $14 each.
14 Inspirational mini doorknob hanger wreaths.  I LOVE to hang things on my doorknobs.  I envision these on lots of knobs!  $10 each
 50 Leather Cuffs.  Yes, 50.  I actually made these in the car on the way to the beach earlier in the summer.  They are all priced individually.  I've added some with clay buttons to die for!
And last, I've got a fun assortment of vintage finds.  From large pieces like the glider holding the pillows above, to the tiny dogs lovingly embellished with flowers....I've got something for YOU!  Oh, and of course original paintings, framed tiles, phone cases, jewelry and bag tags!
Luckily being in the new house my kids are loving having their space and time alone.  It's wierd actually.  William is at the beach with a friend this week as well, so I have more time than usual to get work done.  Of course I am taking time to enjoy summer, including lots of POOL time.  Which I gotta go now.  Pool date time!!  Tonight we pack the car and truck and tomorrow is load in day!  I'll try and upload some picks to Facebook.  Be sure to look there!

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Dianne said...

I just adore your creativity!

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