Notes on Running Away

So, if you are going to run away from home, not like RUN AWAY from home literally.  But like run away from house chores, wife stuff, church stuff, work stuff, email, paintings, etc.....  This is a fabulous place to go.  All ya need are these 2 amazing kids, a Daddy and B who own a lake house with big toys that go with said lake house, a bathing suit and of course....a toothbrush.  (In case you want to know, I am a tooth brushing freako....so that would be the thing I grab perhaps before something like say, underwear.)

Yes, we ran away last week.  And it was so very worth it.  To focus on being silly with these 2, teach Mailey how to play spit, eat lots of yummy food, drink lots of yummy red wine (because it does taste better on a lake porch), take a long run in a new place, ride the tube...shall I go on?  Nah.....

Yes, that's me down below.  Waving and saying, "hey y'all!"  Oh...and in case you want to see a little bit more of this side of me and our time at Logan Martin, check out the 52 canvases blog post today.   See you later guys!!  I've got to get to painting now!!

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Jen Crossley said...

looks like fun Jenni

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