Paint Something Workshop

Friday finally came...and like magic so did the art students.  From all over they came.....Birmingham, Montgomery, Carrollton, Lagrange, Newnan, Hogansville and Smyrna.  To paint.  In the studio.  With me.  19 contact hours of teaching.  I feel tired, but in an almost surreal way.  It's hard to describe how teaching fulfills my soul.  Watching all the students come alive as they painted was truly humbling.  
I planned this weekend to a tee.  Every little detail was brought together to allow students to feel comfortable, welcomed, nurtured and loved.  From silly imagination glasses to a book created just for them, the weekend fulfilled my dream studio experience.  It's what I've wanted to do for so long and finally have the space to.  And the best part.....it all came together.  Perfectly.  As evident by the ease of conversation.  And most evident by their completed paintings.  Holy cheese cracker....I think a few were amazed at themselves!  It was fabulous!!
And this one....well she just continues to completely amaze me.   (BTW the glasses were supposed to make you see "clearly" throughout the workshop...hehehe)
I'll show photos of their work later in the we week, but here are the groups:
 Above was the Friday day group:  Caryl, Janet, Kelly, Renee, Sydney, Melissa, Cindy, Mailey and me.
Friday night:  Joy, Tiffin, Heidi, Heather, Megan and Me...(Mailey was behind the camera)
 Saturday day:  Melissa, Ashley, Heather, Christina, Heidi, Lily and me (Again, Mailey behind the camera)
19 hours of teaching...the class ran 1.5 hours longer each time than planned.  Hey, this was a great learning experience for me too.  I think the class sizes were perfect for giving individual attention.  And with just a little more time planned for the next class it'll be perfect!  Yes, soon the July dates will be posted!

So today after I push the PUBLISH button, am going to be doing what Lily is doing in the above photo!  I look forward to showing you their amazing paintings, but for now....I am headed to the chillax zone!


Christine said...

What a wonderful experience for your students! I hope Becky and I can do this! You are a fantastic teacher. Chris

Melissa I. said...

Jenni, it was a WONDERFUL day! Sign me up for July's Saturday session! Maybe Dwight will also come along. He loved the painting. Thank you again for all of the effort you put into making it a perfect, lovely day!

This Moment said...

Looks so fun! I'm the one who told Renee I was jealous of her being able to paint with you:) I'm in Wisconsin, so I'm too far, but if I ever get the chance I'd love to. Lucky ladies.


4heidi said...

What an amazing time I had! My family thinks I did a great job. I had a blast.

My favorite part was spending the weekend with a long-time friend. Second favorite part was coming home with some of your art!!!


Laura Bolter said...

I've been loving all the creative stuff you've been cranking out (I loved the stuff you did in the online class we did last year)! I would love to be able to paint with you, especially the encaustics! But, alas, I live in Kansas. Maybe online tutorials!? ;-)

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