Who Am I?

Hey!! No, you've not stumbled into the wrong blog.  It's me...Jenni.  Artsyorange.  Mailey's Mom.  Or William's Mom.  Or Billy's "better half".  The art teacher.  Yeah.  All those things are on my resume.  I like wearing a lot of different hats.  Suits me fine.  Keeps me busy.  Makes me tired.   Gets me energized all over again.  It's a cycle.  This blog has been my little slice of key lime pie for several years now.  Even before I was a full-time artist I had this space to share snippets of my creative journey.  And the banner.....well it's seen some changes.  I loved the one two before this one.  The one with the photos and my logo.  But you see....it featured my birdies (not making anymore) and jewelry (slowing not making those anymore).  I thought I better go ahead and start transitioning outta that banner.  So I made a new one.  It was cute.  But it was buggering me.  Because it didn't "look like me".  Make sense?  What do I look like anyways?

Well first and foremost when Tiffin and I were trying to put labels on ourselves for the Southern Circle Retreats business cards I threw out the word doer.  Doesn't look like a real word does it?  Well assure you it is.  It's someone who does stuff with vigor.  Uh....it just might have my photo beside the word in the dictionary. 
I am a doer.  One who's been known to head to Home Depot for daisies and come home with scaffolding so we could hang a new chandelier 30 ft in the air.

One who recently said, "If I could figure out how to paint while running I'd be in heaven".  Yes...I like to run that much.
I've been known to do embarrassing stuff too....like wearing a dryer sheet out the back of my jeans as a new trend in fashion.  All day long.
I see beauty in the strangest places...especially in my art room.

But most of all, I just love ART.  I love to look at it, make it, and teach it.  Yes, I am a doer of many things.  But what I love to do most is being completely immersed in the joy of art.  So my blog may change, my art my evolve, and I may decide to wear a dryer sheet outta the back of my skirt next time.  But what will never change is my heart.  And it will never need a new banner to remind it where it's been and where it's going.  The new banner just means I am making room to grow into the artist I am meant to be. 

And I kinda like it.


Melissa I. said...

Jenni, I love it. :)

linwood avenue said...

loving the new banner - it's perfect!

Isabel said...

Love the new banner and love reading your adventures:O)

Tammy Gilley said...

well said, and love the new banner. :)

Jennifer Jackson Taylor said...

I love the new banner! And I also think it's OK to change it up every now and then. It helps show your evolution as an artist.

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