This is just a snippet of one of my favorite 52 canvases.  Yeah.  I have favorites in the bunch.  I think I've decided this is going to be my word of the year.  Kinda a weird one to select but I can't get it out of my head.  It's not a crazy powerful light bulb aha give you Wonder Woman powers type of word.  Rather it's a kick in the buttocks in your face do it word.  Chose...choose....yeah.  I think this is it for me.

You see, I ponder too much on stuff.  Ponder actually is too fluffy sounding.....I analyze, to a point of waking at 2am freaking out oh my God what am I doing ponder.  And it has got to stop.  It's time to choose.  And then say I "chose".  Not that I let anyone choose for me.  Yeah, I'm kind of stubborn like that.  But sometimes I work myself into such a tissy about the choosing that I loose site of who I am and where I REALLY want to be in life.   

I feel some changes coming on.....and a crazy urge to paint big.  Just gotta find some time to do that.  Part of the choosing.  Ha....Do I choose to clean bathrooms this Saturday afternoon or paint?  Hmmm.....I'll let you know how that goes Monday.  For now, I'm choosing to teach a bunch of very sweet kiddos how to make an origami shirt.  Because I'm the cool art teacher and can do stuff like that all day. 

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