Finding Creative Joy

As I said in the last post I've not really been myself for a spell.  One of my many coping mechanisms for this is to keep busy.  And for some reason the clutter and stuff in the studio and house is a main focus.  In other words I am in full nesting mode.  The cool thing about nesting is in the great clean out I've found all sorts of half-done projects.  Wooohooo for that!
Evidently I gave out after the last batch of stamped "gentle reminder" bracelets and never put them together.  Since the jewelry cabinet is so organized now I was able to quickly locate the chain, charms and beads needed to finish up 20 something bracelets last night while watching our favorite ABC shows.  Even Mailey was like, dang Mom you put all these together tonight? 
Where can you buy one you ask? Well, first they are headed to Kansas City. I'm teaching at Art and Soul there next week to an almost sold out class. (That makes my heart swell folks....seriously.) Second, I'm going to try and get some in etsy. Serious crickets chirping there right now. tsk..tsk..

The bottom one is a new blank I found.  I like that you can put whole quotes on them.  And although jewelry making is sorta not on my to do list anymore I sure love these little bracelets and love what they add to my booth when I do shows.  So until I finish stamping out the 100 or so left (I have a buy art stuff in bulk syndrome), I suppose you'll keep seeing those in the studio.  It's a part o my creative joy.


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Isabel said...

enjoy the nesting and loving those bracelets:O)

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