Notes on Turning 41

So today is my 41st Birthday.  Holy cheesecracker I've crossed the line.  The half-way line.  The closer to the end than the beginning line.  hahaha....  I hope to live way past this half way mark.

The day has started off great.  I ate my favorite food for breakfast (homemade chocolate chip cookies), got to school to tons of little wishes,  4th grade sang a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday to me and my phone is dinging with well wishes from friends and family.  Yep, birthday's are good for lifting a spirit!

So, a few things to note about this 40th year of life.  Just so I remember (and toot my horn a tad).  When I feel like I'm stuck in setting concrete I can look back on this amazing year as a model of how to stay focused.  So here goes:

*  Painted 52 canvases....yep.  one a week for the past 52 weeks.  And now they are on display at the Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, Alabama until April 27th.
*  Ran my first half marathon and started the training for my first full.  Until I got injured....then quite sick.....which totally sucked.  I hope to run again today for the first time since February 2nd.  I want to start my 41st year off on running feet!
*  Found peace with my work life.  Teaching has brought joy back to my soul.  And has calmed my voice in so many ways.  So many....
*  Re-kindled friendships that should have never died.
*  Let some friendships go...sad but part of the growing process.
*  Started teaching in my basement Paint Something Workshops. 
*  Hosted with Tiffin the first ever Southern Circle Retreat!!!  (One of the highlights of my 40th year)
*  Got bangs.  Hate them.  It'll take my entire 41st year to grow them back out.
*  Colored my hair back to its original color, supposedly.  Jury still out on this doing.
*  Got my body back to high school size.  Seriously.  I totally put on the Star Spangled Girl costume for my family to prove it.  And no, you can not see a photo of this.
*  On the other hand I swear my nose is growing.  And I am totally thinking about having it "done". 
*  Reduced my show season to just 2 and haven't missed it a bit. 
*  Worked on many house projects.....then decided it was going to be ours forever so I could wait on doing more.
*  Went paddle boarding, could totally move to the beach and do it everyday for the rest of my life.
*  Went to San Francisco with my hubby...note to self...do more trips like this with just hubby.
*  Watched William play lots of baseball.  I try not to cry every time.  Nuts that I have such joyful pride in his abilities.  Blows me away.
*  Watched Mailey walk her first runway and own it.  Actually watched a lot happen to Mailey this year and just stood back in awe of who she has become.
*  Spent a lot of time in thought about the direction of my being an artist.  Came to some conclusions...sure there will be new inspirations...but am pretty excited about the direction this journey is taking.
*  Traveled to teach far and wide...love my job.

That's a start to the year in review, there were many more memories and milestones made.  And I am sure I'll think of something amazing as soon as I it the publish button.  But these are the thoughts that come to the forefront (must have made the biggest impression on my heart).  I am really looking forward to 41.  My body is too.  It's finally healing and ready to be back to living fully.  My studio is calling me to rest.  And then to purge it.  I mentioned on the 52 canvases blog that a studio sale WILL be happening soon.  You might not want to miss that.  I'll be announcing it soon.  I've a show coming up to prepare for.  So after the purge I am hoping inspiration will come.  Looks like 41 is starting off with me running after all!  I embrace the challenges ahead and really look forward to watching the year unfold.


Felicia Dwyer said...

That was a busy year, I have loved following your journey and I'm kinda sad its over! Happy birthday & keep teaching PSW, cos one day I will be there!!
Felicia x

kimhicksartist.blogspot.com said...
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Jane said...

Happy Birthday! God bless!

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