Spreading Wings

This week I've been thinking a lot about our Mailey Grace with this conversation coming up a few times, "Umm Billy...how did we get from a pudgy spunky little toddler to this mature beautiful young lady?"  Seriously.  HOW?  And when.

She was a high maintenance holy terror from the day she popped out until....well....she's still got some spunk.  Her personality is unlike any other in our house that's for sure.  She and I are on our way to do something completely and utterly out of our element.  We are nervous, well actually I am nervous.  She cool as a clam.  Because she's confident.  We are jumping into this big unknown world to do big girl stuff that honestly I'm not ready for. I'm not ready to share her just yet.

I promise to explain more when we get back.  And show lots of pictures of the event.  Right now it's too hard to explain. Nor do I really know how to explain it all.  It has nothing to do with art, or me.  All her.  Just know that I'll be MIA from blogging for a week or so.  And that saying a tiny prayer for us if you're that kinda person would be nice. Prayer for safe travels, kindness of strangers and that she shines like the little lightening bolt we all know and love.

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Artsy Matilda said...

I, too have a red headed, high spirited, filled with spunk child. It's been a wonderful adventure. Trust, Jenni. It'll all be PERFECT!
Sending love, hugs & all good thoughts to you both!

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