Holy Cheesecracker..It's Time!

Ok. I literally feel like a bride on the night of her rehearsal dinner.  Excited, nervous, anticipation over whelming my heart...yeah.  Basically I'm a bundle of creative nerves.  I can not WAIT to see all the paintings hanging together in the gallery.  Even though I painted them all, to see them ALL hanging together is going to literally bring my heart out of my chest.  First stop when I get to Birmingham is the gallery.  Gotta get the tears out of the way.  The first round anyways.  Second stop is Savages Bakery to get my Smiley Face cookie.  Ok....maybe 3 smiley face cookies just for me.  And a dozen pettifors for my buddy William.  Then I'm off to find my childhood now adulthood BFF Aimee.  She knows how to keep me sane in situations such as these. 

Thanks for all the well wishes.  And thanks to all who are on their way.  Friends from as far as Orlando are coming up for the opening.  Which is going to make the night so magical!  I'm so very....very grateful that this journey is coming to an end on such joyful note.  This talent is a gift to be forever grateful for, I know this.  And to be able to openly share it with you and receive such amazing feedback makes the journey even more meaningful.  I really look forward to the next chapter of my life.  This chapter has truly been a memorable one!


Artsy Matilda said...

Best of luck, Jenni! You are so inspiring! I know the opening will be great gobs of fun and delightful for all involved. Cheers!

Darcy said...

Wish we didn't have so much Atlanta stuff going on this weekend but wishing you a great opening! Take LOTS of pictures to share :-)

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