1st Day of School

It's kinda grainy because I took it with my phone this am (should have pulled out the IOS)...but here they are.  8th and 6th graders.  Holy cheesecracker where did the time go?  Whaaaaa......  They both had a great day, I think.  Mailey got off the bus after 4:30 and was wound up about this and that and urgh this and that.  It was funny.  We used to have these discussions in the car on the way home together.  I guess now she has an entire bus ride to get all in a tissy and ready to explode for me!  William had football until 5:30.  He didn't say too much about the day.  He's asleep on the couch.  It's 7:30PM.  I guess it was a big day.

So whilst uploading some photos today I saw a file marked "!st day of school".  These 2 photos were in it:
Circa 2009...yes, William has always had tons of hair which he never wanted cut.  Until football came around this summer.  haha.  I think that bag was as big as Mailey all year long.  And we must have not started school in the 1st of August heat.  Kids are wearing jackets.  huh.  Oh and this was the "do not touch my hair Mom" phase for Mailey.  We've left that stage.  Thank goodness.  What is it with my kids and their hair?
Circa 2010....gracious alive Mailey that was some 1st day of school outfit.  Look at baby Lily in the background.  Awwww....  William was Mr. Sports shorts and a tee until last wear when he shot up and thinned out AND noticed the female species.  At least the hair is a tad better in this photo.  For both of them.  What fun looking at these photos.  Makes me want to go back and find them all.  Did I even take one last year? 

Well....we all survived today.  I even got in my training run tonight in this humidity.  And now I'm headed to the other couch to chillax with Lily and watch some HGTV.  Hope you guys had a great 1st day too! 

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