Weekends and Meltdowns

If you follow me on Instagram or FB then you already know about my meltdown.  On many levels Friday.  Just in case, let me bring you all up to speed.  So Thursday after school I buzzed off to the post office to ship my Ebay solds and an encaustic painting.  I started selling my kids clothes, shoes, and some of my stuff about 4 weeks ago on Ebay.  To date I've made about $500.  Yeah.  I like Ebay.  Wish I'd started this years ago when I was a Kelly's Kids freako buyer for my Mailey.  Anyhoo....I forgot US Postal doesn't have good boxes for art shipping.   I decided I'd just take the painting Friday after school.  Which meant  I left the painting in the van.  In the front seat.  All.  freaking.  day.  Friday.  Where the sun beamed in just right through the windshield as too warm the painting up.  I got into the van that afternoon glanced over and may have yelled an explicit.  Yeah. 

I went on to Pakmail but before entering decided I better peek.  Surely it was fine.  And, well, this is what it looked like.  So to answer ANY questions you ever had about an encaustic wax painting the main one being, "Can it melt?"  That answer would be YES.  Especially when left in a car in the direct sun for like 8 hours. 
I was able to scrape off the bad areas and make it pretty again Saturday afternoon.  It's wrapped and ready to ship.   Again.  This time in the coolness of my home until this afternoon.  Lesson learned.
Saturday am the alarm went off at my usual 6am for long runs.  I got up....and promptly went back to bed.  There is a breaking point for me I've decided in training.  And Saturday was it.  I knew my body needed to rest.  But then I woke at 8am and made these:
An art friend of mine posts photos of her doughnut creations all the time on instagram.  While at Michael's one day last week I decided to buy the pan and try it out!  I'm on a rather strict diet that includes no wheat....so the above doughnuts are gluten free.   Honestly I've found that anything made GF tastes better.  No really.  The entire family (including Lily) enjoyed the doughnuts...pretty sure they'll become a tradition in the Horne house.  Yeah!
Sunday rolled around and my body said, okay you can run now.  But not 14 miles please.  Instead I did 4.5 then walked about 2 with this friend. We giggled at our shadows here...I love the stilt legs and my pig tails!   It was  a perfect way to start our Sunday.  And what a glorious day.  We are having the sweetest weather here in Georgia.  With fall around the corner I am itching to pull out my corduroys and sweaters!

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Darcy said...

YAY for GF donuts! And for fixing that painting :-)

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