Yellow Daisies and Being Amazing

Last week I blogged about trusting instincts and using my creative gifts wholeheartedly.  This past week I was actually able to get into my studio 3 nights.  3 NIGHTS!!  What?  I know.  And run training runs, and fix dinner, and enjoy the family...you get the picture right?  You see, when there is balance there is more.  And not that I got into the studio and made a tent full of art, or enough cuffs to fit an army.  But more than I'd made the day before.  I've let go of the ideal of  more and decided to focus on the simple more. 
I know you are wondering why I made another painting just like last week's (which incidentally was probably 3 years old)...well after I posted that blog post 3 people contacted me and asked if that painting was for sale.  Yeah.  A true sign that I need to make MORE of that kind of painting. 
And although it is quite similar, I did change the words up to say, "be amazing."  I mean why not?  Be amazing that is.  I am most certain that no one wants to be boring, be ordinary or be normal.  Right?

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the turquoise paintbrush said...

Oh my goodness. I love this so much!
So happy to have found you.


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