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Ahh...the weekends.  Very different for us right now without our William playing travel baseball.  I kinda miss it, the interactions with other humans and watching him play.  But man.....it was really nice having a weekend to do, well.....NOTHING.  Saturday morning I woke and got my 14 mile run over with before anyone was up.  It was perfect weather.  A little misty rain the entire time with the bottom falling out right at the end.   I tried the audio book and that was awesome.  2.5 hours flew by.  No really.   Here's proof I survived the longest run in the history of my 41 years.  This picture cracks me up.  I look like a bobble head!
 I'd jokingly put a box of Gluten Free pancake mix on the counter the night before and said to Billy, "You can make these for me tomorrow if you want."  (Just a little background, Billy is the pancake man.  He loves making them for all of us.  I bought the GF because I have to limit my wheat intake the rest of my life.  To be honest, everything GF I've eaten so far has tasted better than wheat products.  Even Billy agreed the pancakes were amazing.)  Seeing my man in the kitchen makes me all smitten with him again.  It's the little things when ya been together 22 years.

After a hot shower and a movie with William (We watched Oblivion which totally sucked.  I was like what?  What was that about again?   Don't waste your rental mola.) I headed on down to the studio for some art making.  I took an online class with Claudine Hellmuth this past month.  It was a month of techniques....a lot a techniques I have to add.  One stood out to me and so I trotted off to buy the supplies for it last Monday.  I mean what the heck....it's not like I don't have enough art supplies in my studio right?  It was called faux leather I think.  Using sticky back canvas and embossing powder.  And although I enjoyed the technique and it pushed my thinking, the stencils were a pain, expensive and limiting.  I made a bunch, which I'll sell.  But I kept thinking there has to be a better way......

So my wheels started spinning and I thought, can I use embossing powder on leather?  Why yes Jenni, you can.  And so this happened:

 And then these happened.
 And now I am kicking myself for the binge clean out where I got rid of all but these 8 leather cuffs.

I never got back into the studio to finish adding the metal stampings to the embossed cuffs.  Next weekend I hope to get back.  Mostly after the few hours in the studio I laid around the house.  Sunday was church and more laying around.  William and I Sunday rented another movie in which both of us fell asleep during.  Hilarious right?  Billy and Mailey just piddled all day while we snoozed.  William actually slept I think about 5 hours.  Football is kicking his booty.  Mine too obviously.  Haha...actually I'm pretty sure my napping was due to the 2nd week of school exhaustion and my running schedule. 

So....big week ahead.  Open House for me and the kids, Football Jamboree and more.  Oh and after school art classes start back this week too.  Pretty sure I won't be back here until next week.  So have an awesome creative week!

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