Putting The Hearts Out There

This is going to be one exciting week.   First, we start school tomorrow!  Well, we meet teachers and such tomorrow and officially start on Tuesday, but we start school tomorrow!!  Wow.  It's Mailey's first year of middle school.  A big transition for her since I've literally been with her at her school since Kindergarten.  I was a crazy volunteer Mom for K and 1st and then when we moved to Arbor Springs I started as the afterschool art teacher and then full-time art teacher.   Don't tell her I said this but I am kind of relieved to have the school to myself.  I LOVED having her at school with me, don't get me wrong, but it is time for her to move along.  The last eye rolling I got in class by her near about sent her little skinny butt to China to work in a laundry.  Just sayin'.  We've bonded in a different way over summer and I really think her not being with me at school all day will continue this new found relationship.  Of respect.  On both sides.
Moving along....William is trying out for middle school football!  No way.  No really.  I was like over my dead body are you trying out for football boy.  I lost that arm wrestling match and he's been at it for 3 weeks now.  I see a passion in him for this I've not seen in a very long time.  He's played so much baseball over the years that I worry he's a little burned out.  He came home so wound up the other morning after football training (these have been 7:30-9:30am practices BTW which he has been up and spry for) that I decided to be one of "those parents" and stayed for practice last Tuesday.  And well, I was kinda freaked out by how good he was.  Granted there are no pads or helmet, and it was just 2 hand touch scrimmages, but still....I saw a new side of him.  One of complete and utter joy and thrill for trying something new.  Dang I miss that feeling.
And lastly....I decided to go back to teaching again.  My certificate is in the holding cell position for renewal.  Perhaps this time next year a full-time position will be available.  But there is something exciting about starting a new year and we have a new principal.  Whom over the summer I had the chance to bond a little with and really like.  Plus I LOVE my team.  Seriously Staci (music) and Robin (PE) are two of the most amazing teachers I've ever met.  And they are just plain old awesome moms, Christians, friends and probably cooks too.  They are the package you want when you are the "Special Team".  Being an elementary school "Special Teacher" is not a cupcake job let me tell ya.  But being with them makes it very fun.  We balance each other very well. 

So I am putting it out there this week.  Lots of hearts will be expelling from my chimney.  Because as an elementary teacher that's kinda what happens.  These kids get under your skin and you just love them.  For who they are, stinky bodies and all (It's August...in Georgia...and we are starting school August 6th....which means playground time....need I say more?).  The job, despite my falling apart at the end of last school year, truly brings me joy.  I'll be back at the end of the week to give you a little report.  Now...I've gotta get to bed so I can get my boy to football in the am.  Later. 

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Artsy Matilda said...

Blessings for a wonderful year, Jenni! Those little children's hearts are SO very lucky to have you touch them.

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