Penelope and School

I just wanted to pop in and say howdy folks!  And introduce you to Penelope.  A new character in my growing imaginary population.  There's a boy coming soon.  And he's quite dapper!  This is done in encaustic.  A wax painting technique that is growing in population.  I first learned this technique in an intense workshop with R&F Paints.  My buddy Valerie was already working in the wax but took the class with me too (she's really quite good at this wax stuff).  I fell in love with it immediately because of its woodcut look.  Having been a printing major in college the texture is something I am in love with.  And although I don't paint exclusively in this medium, I always have some wax on hand and get a hankerin' to mess around with it.  About once a year.  The funny thing is, every time I create a series in wax they all sell.  My acrylics I may have stashes of oldies, but ya know, never any wax ones.  Huh. 
So it turned out quite sweet.  And now the studio is all set to make more.  I've decided Sunday afternoon is going to be my studio time.  I think if I have it penciled in it'll help me stay motivated.  Speaking of motivation....this school year is going so well.  I mean, like.....insanely well.  I could cry right now thinking about it. 

Here's our routine:  Everyone is up and going by 6:15ish.  I get coffee going and piddle in the house (I am a night shower gal, always have been.  Definitely helps morning routines since my husband takes a 30 minute minimum shower).  We pack lunches, leash Lily and head to the bus stop by 7am (it used to stop at our house but now it doesn't).  I'm back home and headed to school by 7:30ish.  School clock-in for me is 8am.  I work until 2 normal days, afterschool art starts next week which will be until 4:00.  William has football everyday until 5:30.  At first I was like geesh....but now I love it because folks we are sitting down every night at the dinner table for dinner!!!  No more every night of the week running around to baseball practice and this and that.  Mailey has acting once a week at night, but that is nothing compared to our old life.  After dinner we all just lay around, do homework, watch TV.  Relax.  No stress.  No craziness.  Laundry is always done.  House is in order (speaking of house, I've designated Thursday afternoon to housekeeping so Saturday is free and house is clean!!)  I feel great.  I'm actually not exhausted.  In fact yesterday around 5PM Mailey and I trotted off to TJMaxx to do some clothes shopping for her.  We giggled and talked and bonded the entire time.  In fact, I told her I liked how much nicer she was treating me since school started.  She said yeah, it's because you're not embarrassing me anymore.  HA!  I will say my school day is much less stressful worrying about her. 

She's still adjusting to middle school.  Last week everyday it was "So when can we start homeschooling?"  And yesterday it was, "well, maybe I'll be okay now."  She's actually asked to be home schooled since she was in kindergarten.  I would love to have, but I love teaching too much!  So....8 days down.  172 to go.  Not that I'm counting or anything.  I'll be back later in the week with a new cuff I'm working on.  Fun times in the studio.

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