Trust Your Heart

Friday was my Mother's birthday.  We had a bunch of people over to celebrate and kick off the new school year.  It was yummy....yummy.  This is so random but I sometimes worry that all the good eating will end once our parents and grandparents are gone.  My generation and my kids are such suckers for convenience foods and eating out.  (that was totally off subject, but hey in real life I am so known to jump from convo to convo.)  Anyhoo, I gave my mother a painting for her birthday.  She had been wanting one of my bikes.  I had no idea what to go out and buy her so I just wrapped it up.  But felt rather stupid and guilty for giving her my art as a gift.  I've no idea why, but for some reason I feel like I am cheating by doing this.  I need to get over this because I've got a basement full of art and jewelry right now!  Who has a birthday coming up? 

After she opened it she asked me what I was working on.  "Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  In fact, I've not painted much of anything in months.  It smells down there."  hahahha...No really people, this summer of rain plus unfinished basement=sneezy and sniffly Jenni.  Boo.  Not a fun creative environment.  But after this first week of school I was kinda excited about getting into the studio Friday afternoon.  I'd carved out the time.  The house was clean and guest ready.   Friday rolled around and the errand list was placed in my lap.  Urgh.  So while out running errands I stopped in Barnes and Noble.  There is nothing more inspiring to me than a cup of coffee, a pile of creative books and some quiet time.  I actually left with 4 new books which I'll share later on the blog. 

So why am I rambling about all this?  Because folks, when I pour myself into all those creative books and gorgeous Somerset magazines I realize that I have a true gift.  A perspective that is unique and not like anyone else.  Looking through pages and pages as well as having just finished with that Lila Rogers contest I realize that too many artists are trying to fit into a box.  I'm not that fond of boxes. Are you?

This morning I sat down and poured over my past work.  I'll admit my style has evolved.  What I am really good at is taking simple, sweet genre and making it speak to you.  Whether it's the words carved, the colors I use or the style....it speaks to people.  When I love it, I know it's right.  Today I told the family I am working in the studio, and since encaustics have a lovely smell of their own, the basement smell will be rather sweet.  Yep...I'm pulling out the wax.  When looking over all my work from the past honestly those pieces are my favorites.  And right now

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julie said...

I hear you about not fitting into a box. Your art is gorgeous and unique!

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