A Week in Pictures

 I started the week off like this:

Dang I love Animal.  This is actually the bobber on top of our jeep antenna.  It's hilarious to see him flying down the road.  In fact I'm laughing as I type this thinking about it.  Especially since my hubby drives the Jeep most days!

But by Wednesday I was more like this:
With emotions that looked alot like this:
And its obvious because I cried all day at school yesterday.  I had a misunderstanding with a teacher and just couldn't stop.  I was like a dang faucet.  Plus that sinus stuff I thought I had started to not feel not so much like sinus stuff.  Yesterday afternoon I went to the Doctor.  Which I hate to do.  Because he tells me stuff I don't want to hear. First he talks to me about my marathon training.  Wants to be sure I'm being smart in my training.  Secondly he asks if I've been around anyone that might be sick.  Ummm....try 450 kids under the age of 10 who touch everything in my room.  His first advice, DO NOT run.  Rest.  Also take this medicine.  Because you have XYZ.  Great.  XYZ  are not good.  And will probably take me down a week or more.  More tears.
So now I am leaning into this.  Today I am here teaching.  Why you ask?  Because quite frankly it's easier to be here than to have figured out sub plans.  Tomorrow I'll not run the 13.1 mile training run.  But most likely will Sunday.  I'll sleep late, hopefully work in the studio and let my body heal.  Even though this year has started off on such a great foot there are always hurdles to jump.  That's kinda what gives life flavor.  And well, I am rather fond of spicy food.

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Lin said...

Hang in there with the training... you have to take care of you. Must have been the phase of the moon Wednesday because I was just like that too. Sometimes its just good to decompress and let off the pressure relief valve. Art helps! Have a good day in your studio, and the road will be there tomorrow. (Love the Animal)

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