Clementine...Her Big Debut

So it's happening....I'm illustrating my first book.  Yep.  Nice little secret I've been keeping from ya right?  I'll fill you in on all the details and show more of the process later this week.  There's nothing like a tight deadline to get your creative juices going.  (Although I am not the best at last minute stuff so I've been a tad whiny this week).

I've been pouring over my personal favorite illustrated books for layouts and placement of words on a page.  Things I NEVER thought about.  There is a difference between being a painter and being an illustrator.  Just saying.  And I'm actually making full sketches before putting them onto the boards (I NEVER do that).  Needless to say this has been a little overwhelming and exciting in one big ball of wax!  I really can't wait to share who the book is for and why I'm doing this.  It has truly been a pay-it forward project.  I've got to shout out to my friend Dallas Nevins for believing in me and being most patient with me!!

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Christine said...

How exciting!!!!! I will want a (hopefully signed ) copy when it is done!!!!

Hugs (looking so forward to January!)

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