My Adjectives

Last week our staff was given a name of a faculty member and asked to write 10 adjectives to describe the person.  Yesterday this was in my box.  Pretty cool right? 

So adjectives to describe myself.  Never really thought about it.  I can think of a few I'd like to give my husband and children right now.....just saying Momma bear would appreciate a little thank you every once in awhile.  Can I get an "Amen"?  Let's see.... words to descibe me....if I had been given the card to list for myself it might look like this:

crazy, sensitive, artsy fartsy, determined, imaginative, creative, loud, confident, ambitious, enthusiastic

Yep...those are the words I'd use personally.  (I tried not to use the words they used.)  Have you ever thought about adjectives to describe yourself?  Try it.  It's kinda fun.

Friday is here.  Very excited about that.  Tomorrow is the longest run in the history of my 41 years.  17 miles.  I have to say I was totally pumped up after Wednesday night's 8 miles.  They were easy breezy.  Last night however, during a rather short run, my knee issues flared up.  Like holy cheescracker there was NO running to be had.  I'm scared and upset because I can not afford to miss another long run weekend.  (Last weekend I was sick.  Like walking pneumonia sick.  Yeah....I didn't tell ya how sick I was.  Did I?)  Tonight I'm headed to get more KT tape in hopes of warding off any more damage to the knee.  The KT tape helped during last year's half marathon training.  I really thought this race training I was going to be able to avoid the runner's knee.  I've been running alot more miles.  I guess the hills in our neighborhood finally got me.  I'll let you know how it goes.  And if you are a runner and have any knee tricks pass them my way!  Have a lovely weekend!

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