Playing with Wax Again

I realized last week I didn't post one thing really...well except that I wasn't feeling well.  Thus why I didn't post anything.  Duh Jenni.  Still not up to par.  Which kinda freaks me out since there are miles to be run.  No really, miles.  Anyhoo....while under house arrest I was able to finish up the encaustic pendants I started!  Yeah!!
At least once a year I get ants in my pants to create with encaustic.  It's a technique that I learned in an R&F Paints workshop with my friend Valerie (AKA Gillyweed on FB) many moons ago.  She actually instructs waxy workshops at Corner Arts in downtown Newnan if you are ever interested in learning about the medium.

A few years back while in the middle of creating encaustic paintings I had a thought that maybe I could fill tiny bezels with the wax and make jewelry out of them.  I'm always seeking that unique item to sell at shows that won't break your pocketbook (or mine in the making!).  And it worked!  I made a ton, sold a ton and that was it.  Fast forward two years or so and I decided it was time to try again.  You see, I've two holiday shows this year I want to be really successful.  Plus to be honest I want to get that dreadful Etsy shop back up to snuff.  It's just pitiful the attention I pay it.  And after a nice little run with Ebay I've got a little itch to get back.  Little.   
The only thing is the pendants I made 2 years ago I never sealed with anything.  And after the melted painting in the van episode I decided to take drastic measures.  These now have a layer of resin on top. The above one is prior to resin.  It worked great, the pendants are now safe and will not melt hot wax down your cleavage.  Score right?  Unless hot wax down the cleavage is your type of thing.  NO judging.  Ha. 
This one is of course my favorite.  I didn't stamp on too many, but kinda wishing I did looking at this now.  It looks like my tattoo right?  Hmmm...maybe I should add a word when I go to Portland in April?  Oh yeah....BTW I'm teaching at Art and Soul in Portland, OR in April!!  Super excited.  It's April 7th and 8th.  Check out the site:  Art and Soul Retreat.  If you are nearby maybe you can come!!  Mailey will be my side kick.  So if you are going be sure to let me know so we can all hook up for dinner!

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Christine said...

OMG!! Teaching at A&S in april!!!! yay!!

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