Studio Guests

I was painting last week during the night when a few guests came down to see me.  I don't often have guests while working.  It's like the family knows Momma needs some time.  But this night I didn't mind so much.  I mean look at this cuteness!
Allow me to introduce the newest Horne member.  This is Lawrence.  I'll post the story about how we came about getting him later.  I've got to get a few photos of things to complete the story.  I will say he is a little light for our family.  And yes, Lily loves him too.  Whew.  Because we were not giving him back!

Mailey brought Lawrence down to the studio and was sitting on the stool above.  I asked her, as I do anytime she pops in on me, if she wanted to paint.  This time she said yes.  I gave up my seat and let her explore the encaustics I had out while I worked in the other room on the computer.   I kept peeking in on her to be sure she was okay.  She just painted away!   You know, she is one lucky little girl to be exposed to so many art mediums.  How many 11 year olds know how to paint with wax?  Much less normal paints.  She has wicked good hand skills.  I can't wait to see how she grows under another teacher. 

The nest below is what she started.  Mailey is very disciplined about bed time.  In fact she kept asking me, "Mom, what time is it?"  As soon as the clock struck 9PM she was outta the studio.  I can't wait to see the nest finished with the carving tools and oil stick.  I told her we might have to open her an Etsy shop or give her a section in my show tents.  Her collection is growing!

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