Senoia Wrap-Up

I always like to share after an event. It helps me to step back and look at the show, ponder the next and how to improve on my appearance. I love the city of Senoia and what they have done to revitalize the community. Kudos to Anne Busey for all her efforts with the event as well! She is super kind and so encouraging about my work. But, the event was not very well attended, and my sales definitely reflected this. But, with every step back, there is a silver lining. I got to spend a whole day with BFF Valerie, which really made the day fly by. Also, I now have everything ready for the Wesleyan School 3 day event coming up this Thursday and Serenbe May Day this Sunday. This feeling of relief that all is packed away in my storage unit ready to go Thursday morning is awesome! I can go to bed at a decent hour and take time to get a pedicure with Jill this week! My toes are happy about this one too. I used some old suitcases from the attic for a different look on the table instead of the white bookcase. I also added a fun stripey cloth and aprons to the mannequins.
My art work is taking on such a different appearance....much bolder and brighter colors. The whole set-up had a brighter feel. I am all about details. The yellow scalloped hand stamped signage was a great finshing touch.

I only brought small pieces to this show. I've got about 15 larger pieces to show at Wesleyan.
And more in my head to go! I'm off to post all my new work in flickr if you'd like to check it out!
Ooo...also Paper n Stitch opens a new table tomorrow! Be sure to stop by this week and see the new talented artist on the list!
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