A Few More Collages

Just wanted to show off a few more of my new collage series. I had so much fun making the first couple that I ended up with I think 15! This is definitely something I intend to experiment with more. "Red Bird Nurturing Her Young"
"Summer Fun"

"Little Songbird"
Last, the new Paper N Stitch table is up! I placed several of the new collage pieces there available as prints. Please visit and give me a heart!


Courtney said...

These are all really cute Jenni! I may have to commission you at some point when I start decorating my new office in Baton Rouge!!

Connie said...

Your little birds are just the cutest. You are blessed with a great amount of talent. I enjoyed what I read of your blog.
Will be back..........

southernjoy said...

CUTE, CUTE collages!!!!

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