Going Green?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am participating in the Art of Green show in Senoia this Saturday. When asked to do the show originally I thought really? Me? Paint is not exactly an eco-friendly medium, and I am a painter. What on earth would I sell? I was politely reminded that the frames around all my paintings and tiles are made from recycled barnwood. And my little felty friends are quite the green art. Hmmm.......okay. So here's a sampling of what you'll see this weekend: Felted bird sculptures on stands made from vintage jello molds. I found some recycled cages too- old industrial mixing beaters and a light bulb cage.

I finished up about 50 new framed tiles yesterday. This is my favorite of the printed products.

The one item missing from my booth however was jewelry. The little porcelain pendants are a great seller, but not exactly eco-friendly. While in Alabama over break I found the glass curtain rings pictured above. I immediately thought of jewelry when I saw them. I've always loved the Smart Glass line of jewelry. So I scooped the set up and here's what I've made with them:

I had some brass hand-patinae chain left over from my nest jewelry line as well as some hand patinae vintage charms. Overall I am super excited about revealing these recycled products to shoppers on Saturday. I'll show off my sculptures from recycled parts tomorrow. I've got some antennas to attach before they can be revealed! Have a creative Tuesday!
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