Easter Love

I wanted to pop in and say Happy Easter to all my readers. And I just had to show off a few of my favorite pics. Below is an all time fave of the kiddos. Mailey in those white gloves...and notice each basket has a blanket nestled in it or rather a "bannie" as William called it, and "Kitty" as Mailey calls hers. I think this is the year they both cried the entire egg hunt. Thus, why the baskets are empty. Fast forward to ages 7 and 9 (they where 1 and 3 above) and this is my new favorite. The prima ballerina and the Joe Cool pose? There was no cheesy grin in this photo session, rather all ham.
Well, maybe one cheesy grin. And as always, Mailey has a lovely black tatoo on her face and William's hair is well, another story. But I have definitely captured who they are below. And I love that I can look back and remember their Easter this way.

Speaking of Easter and being a bit sentimental, this is the day that as a Christian I feel SO loved. Seriously, stop and think about what Christ did for us and tell me you don't get tears in your eyes, and feel so very humbled. I sure do.
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