I Love My CAMERA!!

So I bought a mack daddy camera about this time last year. It's the Canon Rebel Xsi with I think 12megapix. I had no idea how to even turn it on, but I HAD to have it. You see, I've been taking pictures since I was a teenager. I have about 20 scrapbooks just from childhood to college. I've about that many of just my kids. I want you to imagine my bins stacked full of photos anxiously awaiting placement in their albums. I also have about 1000 pics on this computer. So pictures are my hobby for sure. Even with this fancy camera though, I was still not getting the quality photo I desired. So here's what I did. I took a workshop with this FABULOUS photographer. And now look at what I can do now.... Yeah me!
Mailey, my "I want to be a fashion model when I grow up" just let me shoot away yesterday.

And then these daisy's let me shoot them awhile too.....

Oh, the places my camera and I will now go. It's amazing what a little knowledge can do. Next I am taking a photoshop class to learn how to take those above and take them even farther. Right now they are all natural. Well, it's such a pretty day here in Newnan and I'm itching to take some more photos...now where's William?.....


hi-d said...

Hi Jenni, my name is Heidi and I was in the Vintage flea yesterday... made a glass necklace deal, bought some awesome stuff and put down my email address for updates. And thus, through lots of clicks of my "mouse" I am here with you and reading your blog! I liked it right off... but when I got this this post my eyes lit-up! I LOVE taking pictures and took photography in college - however with digital and all... I am lost now. But the love of photography has never left me and I am pinning for a GOOD camera. My husband has said that he is going to get me one for my birthday this month!! I am so happy, but now don't know what to get. We can not afford the MAC DADDY cam, but something around $350-450 range. I have just come accross a person with a Nikon D40 for sale. I have investigated it extensively on line and think it is probably a good starter camera. I just have two problems with it... one is that it is only 6 mega pixels and two that it doesn't have image stabilizer on it. Can you give me your advice? I think I could understand maybe what you have to say about it vrs a professional at the store (way above my head!).
I am bookmarking your blog! Oh, by the way, I am an artist too!
Heidi Nieuwenhuis

noelle said...

Great job Jenni! That first one is especially stunning!

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