Works in Progress

Just wanted to share some works in progress. It's Spring Break this week so I am off to here and there. Unfortunately the paint brushes will not be getting too wet this week. I have until April 25th for Celebrate Earth Day, The Art of Green Show in Senoia and then on April 30th I head to the annual Wesleyan Show. This is the show that started it all for me. I am SO excited to get back and see all my artsy friends I met last year and hopefully meet new buyers! I am going back to canvas for a bit. This time around I am really playing with the simple compositions of birds, branches and a bit of collage with the leaves and border.
This is a ginormous canvas I decided to tackle using the same technique. Also new, all the canvases are being framed out by Phillip. I am amazed at how much more finished off the canvases look with the salvage wood around the edges. Anyhoo.....off to get a few more tasks completed before art camp tomorrow and heading to my Father's in Alabama to meet up with the kiddos. I hope you all have a GREAT week. I'll be back next week to share some new ideas in the works. The Green Show in Senoia has my head whirling up some great Mattie sculptures. My Father doesn't know it, but I intend to use his amazing workshop when I get over tomorrow to stop the whirling and get to making!

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