Field Trips

This past school year our county decided to save money by cutting out all field trips. Seriously, don't they know that part of the learning process is seeing and doing, not just sitting? Anyhoo....education is a topic for another day. So this summer I decided that I would take my kids on a field trip each week. I don't tell them where or when, we just go. Last Tuesday after William's game, we packed up at 9PM and headed to Lake Martin where my father has a houseboat. We spent all day Wednesday in the Lake. Along side was Harley, the lake dog. He even hung out on a float with me for a bit. Swimming, jumping off the pier, fishing, eating junk food and just plain old being lazy were on the docket for the day. My other rule for field trips, no cell phone or TV. Man was that nice. This week we are headed to......well you'll just have to wait and see!
PS: William caught about 6 Brim I think. We are thrower backers though. Love to eat fish, but not clean it!
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