Icky Sticky Bubble Gum Camp

For several years now I've taught art camp at The Vintage-Flea. It's every Thursday from 10-2. Kids bring a sack lunch and we make art the whole time! It's super fun...for me and the campers! This week kicked off the summer series with one of my favorites themes yet, Icky Sticky Bubble Gum. This group of 16 artists were amazing to work with. I didn't have one child ever say "I can't do that"! WOW. Self portraits with giant pink bubbles were a favorite project for many. The giant bubble is a wooden doll head painted pink and glued on. Here Gracen, Abbey and Abigail show off their folksy portraits. These were created on a canvas board with acrylic paints.
What child doesn't love a bubble gum machine? Here we used large watercolor paper to create our own machines with patterned backgrounds.

This project was inspired by our story of the day, Icky Sticky Bubble Gum. The main character, a frog, gets stuck in some icky sticky bubble gum, just as these little silly frogs have. These were created using acrylics on canvas paper.

And of course we chewed bubble gum ALL DAY! We even had a bubble blowing contest. This little sweetie won by far! Next week we are "Moving Right Along" making Hot Air Balloons, Bikes, Rockets and Race Cars! Call 770-683-2825 to sign your child up today!


bridgette said...

love all these projects. but the bubble gum doll head is just so cool! i can see why that was the favorite activity

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