On the Move Art Camp

This week we were on the move for art camp at the Flea. From race cars to hot air balloons, these budding artists really took the tasks to soaring levels! Hot air balloons were made on watercolor paper with watercolors.
These little wooden race cars turned out super cute....and super fast. The kids were racing them on the tables by the end of class.

Last, but certainly not least, we painted bikes. Since this is one of my favorite themes to paint, I really enjoyed teaching this particular project. After demonstrating how to draw the bike, student were encouraged to place their bike anywhere they wanted. Many bikes appeared at the beach, others like above were in the grass. It was a great day for creating things that keep us moving right along!

Next Thursday we are going on an Outdoor Adventure. Projects this week include butterfly magnets, firefly jars, outdoor landscape painting and bird watching through a camera lens. Call today to register! 770-683-2825

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