This Week's Field Trip Day 2

So today we went for day two of our outdoor adventure field trip. And this time we:
1. left Lily at home sleeping soundly
2. brought Mailey Grace along
3. brought floats for water rafting at is most redneck
4. left the Canon behind for fear of it falling in the water and brought the quick snap Nikon
5. stayed water bound for about 2 hours straight!

Look at these two cuties! It was such fun watching them do something I absolutely loved as a child. Our creek was called Bullfrog Bend. We would hike up the creek about a mile with real tubes. Once at the bridge, we'd sit our tails in the ice cold water and ride down to the "blue hole". We weren't allowed past that point except on Thursday PM when Momma let us ride past the hole to the ultimate natural waterslide area with all the counselors. Sometimes being the camp director's kid was the best!

I stayed mostly like this today. Feet under water. Note to other's who try this field trip, definitely wear old tennis shoes!

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