This Week's Field Trip

This week William and I did a sneak preview of our Field Trip on Monday while Mailey was at art camp. We ventured down to Line Creek Nature Center in Peachtree City. This is a 70 acre nature area with trails, a huge creek, amazing landscape and plenty of critters. In the picture above I was attempting to photograph this little pink fuzz flower William found that looks just like the flower in Horton hears a Who. It creating the most amazing pink halo over the water's reflection. A happy accident indeed!
We took Lily on this adventure as well. She really hates the water we found out the hard way. I guess Chihuahua's are meant to be pampered at the spa, not the creek! She loved walking the trails however. Always led the way.

Here's a view from standing in the creek. Isn't it serene? The best part is we were the only people in site. When we arrived back at our car there were several cars in the lot, but we never saw or heard a sole. What an amazing morning we had together.

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