Paintings Featured!

I am a goal setter. Always have been. And one of the goals I set a year ago once becoming a full-time artist was to get my artwork published. I love to share ideas, it's the teacher in me, and I enjoy writing. I drool and read over and over again all the Somerset publications, so these were the first I started submitting to. Each publication they print has a submission guideline, it's just getting the ideas formulated that you know an audience would enjoy and want to try on their own that's hard. When I pack my ideas up and mail them, I have no idea whether or not they'll be published until I receive the email...and then my heart just flutters! I sent a sample of my texture paintings and a felted flower cone for review about 4 months ago. I knew within a week that the paintings were going to be featured and that they needed 3 more to make the article complete. So off I painted and mailed! And in the mail this week came the magazine! Oh that is a feeling I can not even describe. The editor (the adorable Amanda Belle for this one) emails you copy to proof, so you know what it's going to look like, but to really see the article in print is so amazing. And flattering. So here's the cover of Somerset Home this month. And here's the first page of my three. I expect my paintings back in a few more weeks. And these I'll probably keep for awhile in my home. So what's next.....well I can't say for sure, but I can say that really good things are on the horizon! For now, thanks Amanda Belle for including me in this amazing publication filled with projects that I am totally inspired by.
I'll be offline for a few days. I'm heading to Alabama for a family visit and the first planning meeting of our 20 year Homewood High School Class of 1990 reunion. Man, time flies. Crazy fast. So have a happy creative weekend!


Lori said...

OMG!!! I am sooooo thrilled for you! You have completely inspired me. I have wanted to send my work to cloth paper scissors for forever. I'm setting a goal and doing it.

Wonderful news- you are on your way! whoooo hoooo :)

Can't wait to see it for real in the magazine.

Virginia said...

congrats, that is SO wonderful!!!

Michele Maule said...

That's is so amazing!
Congrats! You totally deserve it! :D

Liz said...

Oh that is so completely wonderful! Congratulations and heres to it being just the first in a lot more of you and your art in print. Love hearing stories like yours!

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