I Just Have to Create (and Blog About It)

As a full-time artist for almost a year now, I am beginning to see some patterns in my so called "routine". Part of this is due to the fact that I love to share my creations and thought processes through this very blog and can easily track back to see where I've been and where I intend to go (intend being the catch phrase there!). So here is what I have noticed so far:

1. First I go through periods of gathering. I gather trinkets for collage. I gather canvases and paints and wood to paint on. I gather sweaters to shrink and cut up into adorable bird sculptures. I go junkin' and flea marketing. I gather until my kitchen table is no longer being used for dining, but rather a storage unit for my wonderful collections and the garage needs re-organizing because you can't walk to the drink fridge.

2. Naturally, the second part of my process is to organize. Everything has a place, a bin, and of course a label from the label maker I never gave back to Valerie. I can't seem to start anything until the studio is in order. hmmmm...

3. The next phase baffles me a bit, but since I just left it, I know it exists, fear. I get terrified to dig in and start. I'll spend hours on the computer comparing myself to what others are doing, and hence what I am not doing. I'll angst over where to start. I'll sketch ideas in my sketchbook. I'll spend hours in Barnes and Noble looking at art books and magazines. I'll do this until the creative ideas literally explode out of me.

4. This is the phase I am not proud of, but I get irritable. Yep. Bottled up creativity is about as bad as it gets around this household. Not to worry though, this stage is not long. I really can't stand to be irritable.

5. The final stage is obviously the BEST. The art making stage. (Do you hear the angels singing?) This past weekend was my creative surge and I've not stopped since. I have 30 felted birds cut and ready to sew, the milk glass vases with paper flowers are ready to sell, 4 small paintings and 3 medium paintings ready to go and I bought a new printer today to start a new transparency thingy idea I have swirling around in my head. Whew. Yep. I'm on a roll.

This is a rather lengthy post, but I am taking an on-line course with the lovely Marisa over at Creative Thursday. After catching up on some classes tonight, ( I was in the irritable stage last week remember so I am a bit behind on the class), I felt led to share this with you. I want you to know why some weeks you see my children in posts more than my art. It's not that I am not always creative, because I am. Creativity is a huge part of my personality, a gift given to me that I so thankful for. It's just that sometimes I go through periods where I don't always create. And that's okay. Because for me to get to the place where I am right now I have to go through gathering, organizing, my fears, being irritable and then on to the creating. It's all those steps that make me the artist I am and make me more passionate about why I create what I do. They are building blocks for the foundation of my art. And that art is made with tons of love and happiness. I think you know that though. It's just nice to say it.


Estelle said...

I love hearing about your process. Thanks for sharing so much. And I am really loving all your beautiful work in your Etsy shop. Way to go fellow goldfish!

Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks for putting words to what is so close to my own process! Especially the part about comparing yourself to other's work and becoming irritable! I WANT to be creative ALL the TIME, but you and I know there is a process! Thanks for your post!

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